Buying Property with SMSF Sydney

1) Seek advice on whether buying a property is appropriate for your long term objectives

We can help you via our sister company, Navigate Wealth (AFSL 332417). Navigate Wealth is a Sydney based independently owned financial advice practice based in Sydney CBD with its own licence (not tied to banks or super funds) which offers its client's holistic advice incorporating direct property investment advice. Our first meetings are complimentary and obligation free and will give you an outline of our services, our initial thoughts on your current situation and our fees should you decide to proceed with our service.

You will need a Financial adviser sydney, particularly if you are intending to borrow money for the purchase of a property via your super fund as most banks will require a financial adviser not tied to the bank to certify that advice has been provided to you on the strategy.


2) Arrange a self managed super fund

Our sister company Navigate Wealth (AFSL 332417) can help you with this if you do not already have one established. We will take you through all the details in an easy to understand manner without all the industry jargon so you set it up correctly to begin with in a pain and hassle free process. There are many do's and don'ts with regards to buying and owning a property within your self managed super fund and it is crucial that you attain leading financial advice if considering property investments within your super fund.


Click here for more information on how to set up a self managed super fund


3) Arrange a chat with a knowledgeable mortgage broker

If you do not have enough money in your super fund to purchase the property outright, then you will need to arrange finance (a loan) to cover the difference.

Not all mortgage brokers are the same, some have a greater degree of knowledge and experience with super fund loans than others. If you do not have confidence in your existing mortgage broker or would like a second opinion, we can recommend a mortgage broker in your area that will understand all the intricacies of comparing and advising on the best super fund loans.


For a complimentary consultation on how best to structure a property purchase or to discuss whether it is an appropriate strategy for you, contact the founder of Navigate Property and Navigate Wealth-Peter Alvarez on 1300 505 565.

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