Buying an Investment Property

Property has long been a great capital preservation and wealth creation asset class. In today's ever changing and volatile economic environment, it is important to recognise the importance of having a properly diversified portfolio of assets that contain some property assets if possible.


Buying an investment property should be move that is informed, considered and undertaken once you are fully aware of the short, medium and long term ramifications of the decisions. There will be short, medium and long term ramifications that you will be aware of, and many that you will not be aware of. Since the transaction costs (legal fees, stamp duty, agents commission-upon sale) of buying and selling property are so great, it really pays to ensure that your property purchase (and strategy) makes sense in the short, medium and long term as getting it wrong in the long term will result in lower wealth creation and a sub optimal outcome.


The difference between Navigate Property and other property buyers agents, is that our Founder and Buyers agent-Peter Alvarez is also a licenced Financial adviser (under sister company Navigate Wealth AFSL 332417). As such we care about your long term success and not just about the fees we can generate from you today via the purchase of a less than ideal property that will later have to be sold prematurely and incur further transaction costs when it clashes with other objectives.


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